We’re on a mission to enable service teams to collect, analyze, and publish customer satisfaction feedback

Measuring and improving customer satisfaction is more than just launching a survey. For feedback to have a real changing impact in an organization, it needs to connect and seamlessly integrate with critical systems like CRMs, helpdesks, and chat apps. Simplesat’s focus is to make that happen by shipping early, often, listening to our customers and then doing it all over again.

🚩 Founded: 2016

🌏 Locations: Bangkok (HQ), Manila

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Position Department Location
👩‍💻 Software Engineer Product 🇹🇭 Bangkok
🤗 Customer Support Specialist Customer Success 🇵🇭 Manila


💰Competitive pay and equity

😌 Flexible working hours

🏡🏢 Hybrid-remote

🤑 Year-end bonus

🧠 Tuition fund for bettering yourself

🏥 Medical and dental coverage